TripAdvisor Kiosk Signage

I designed a concept for a potential pitch to TripAdvisor for a large-format touchscreen kiosk displayed in their corporate headquarters. This particular concept presented the signage that would be displayed when the kiosk in an idle state. It would cycle through several screens, which would display company information, marketing campaigns, upcoming events, wanderlust-inspiring quotes, top destinations, and more. The audience for the kiosk was mainly visitors to the office, but also to motivate and inspire employees that walk by every day.

A simple widget at the top of the screen would display live weather, time and date information. I intended the signage to be easily editable using a database or local file, where the company could switch out images and text fairly easily. I also envisioned further slides to incorporate live data feeds, including heat maps of currently popular destinations, and uses of their API.