Viewpoint Touchscreen UI/UX/Animation

Part of my job at ICS was to design the UX/UI for their Viewpoint touchscreen product. I would meet with the clients to ascertain their vision and goals of the event, work on a content flowchart, then provide wireframe designs of their presentation. Once approved, I designed the User Interface, then exported for production. Animation would be added via rendered assets or using the Viewpoint software to provide a more exciting experience. I would often act as the lead on the projects, guiding the client through every step of the process.

  • Date 2015 – 2017

Main screen for a medical devices company, to showcase a reel of video content in the background, with menu options on the left side.

ICS UXD process section on a corporate kiosk presentation. I designed the background and animation, as well as the process graphic.

Sample design for a corporate kiosk presentation.