Workout Machine UI

This was a project to enhance and redesign a UI for a workout machine, we provided a series of designs to the client. I came up with a few sketches and wireframes to define the User Experience. The intention was to provide a dynamic and interesting welcome screen to when the user steps up to the machine. A large “Warm Up” button was designed for the user to instantly start the workout, while choosing their entertainment.

  • Role UX + UI Designer
  • Date 2015

Quick sketches for the UI.

Initial wireframes for myself and other designers working on their own mockups.

A screen displaying a music video. The workout data is always displayed in a top bar. The video and relevant information are displayed below, with options to navigate to the previous or next video. A bottom navigation menu is hidden at the start, the user can tap the “Change Media” to display it.

The bottom navigation displays additional media options, and can be minimized when unused.

Mockup of a POV running application.

I was asked to provide a quick mockup of the UI in a real-world machine to use to show the client. We did not have the time for 3D, so I created an illustration. The icons in the bottom area of the machine allow the client to view all mockup screens.